February01 THE MIST’s ‘Phantasmagoria’ Reissue Streaming in its Entirety

The forthcoming Greyhaze Records reissue of THE MIST’s 1989 Brazilian thrash classic Phantasmagoria is now streaming its entirety. Stream it at the following link:

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the worldwide reissue of THE MIST’sPhantasmagoria on February 3, 2017. The Brazilian Thrashers originally released this amazing album in 1989. Featuring the influential vocals of Vladmir Korg (original singer of CHAKAL) and the pure thrash fury for which Brazil is known, Phantasmagoria will now get a proper worldwide release on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette formats, a long-awaited offering to all true fans of the genre!

Pre-order HERE. Upon its 1989 release Phantasmagoria was a departure from what was being done by bands from the City of Belo Horizonte up to that point. The album showed a Thrash attack that was as vicious as it was precise. Drummer Cristiano Salles’ relentless thrash beat coupled with Korg’s unmistakable higher-pitched guttural vocals set the tone of an album that had everything to become a big album. Sadly, it was not to achieve the recognition that it deserved. Over the years it circulated through the Metal world as somewhat of an obscure collector’s item. Now with this Greyhaze reissue, Phantasmagoria gets its overdue North American and European official release!

“This album is the very definition of ‘under rated’ and ‘lost gem.’ Seize the opportunity and check out this fantastic lost classic now!” 5/5 – Brutalism

Track Listing:
1. Flying Saucers in the Sky
2. Smiles, Tears and Chaos
3. A Step into the Dark
4. The Enemy
5. Hate
6. Barbed Wire Land (At War)
7. Phantasmagoria
8. Lightning in the Dark
9. Like a Bad Song
10. Faces of Glass