February25 STORMHAMMER Reveal Track List

German Power Metal outfit STORMHAMMER‘s new album “Welcome To The End” is set to be released on March 24th via Massacre Records. Graced with an artwork created by Jan Yrlund, mixed by Mario Lochert and mastered by Jan Vacik, “Welcome To The End” features the following tracks:

1. The Beginning Of The End  2. Northman (Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/bfg3kR_S_C8)

3. Welcome To The End  4. The Heritage

5. Secret  6. The Law  7. Watchmen

8. Road To Heaven  9. My Dark Side

10. Into The Night  11. Spirit Of The Night

12. Soul Temptation  13. The Awakening  14. Black Dragon

24.02.2017 DE Straßkirchen – Plutonium-Klub (Metalheadz Against Cancer)
04.-05.08.2017 DE Obertraubling – Airport Obertraubling (Metal United Festival Regensburg)

• Cover by Jan Yrlund / Darkgrove.net – http://bit.ly/2kVAM8R

• “Northman” Lyric Video – https://youtu.be/bfg3kR_S_C8